3 Principles. 1 Goal. 2 Elevate. 

Increased Visibility.  Integral Solutions. Innovative Partnerships.

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3Twelve PR has a portfolio of experience, and specializes in using unconventional strategies to expand the visibility, strengthen the trust, and connect corporations with influencers, women, communities of color, and entrepreneurs. We use non-traditional tactics to create leverage and partnership opportunities, ultimately resulting in new business, and loyal consumers.


From churches, to gospel artists, to community organizations founded on Christian principles, our work has successfully and repeatedly produced  marketing, and community relations campaigns that bridge the gap between churches/institutions of faith and leaders across all disciplines. We highlight the influence and impact the faith community has on its consumers and constituents.  This is a vital entry point to many groups.

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Music is a universal language and we believe in its power to galvanize.  We facilitate strategic partnerships between recording artists, mainstream brands and media outlets. Our work has led to successful relationships between entities that would otherwise not forge unions.  The product of our vision for our clients in music and entertainment has expanded fan-bases and resulted in long-term success.


3Twelve PR, led by CEO Tashyra Ayers is an international delegate for the Women's Economic Forum for the London and Netherlands chapters, and for the US Women's Trade Commission - Netherlands. Whether plane, train, or automobile we service clients globally, and have a growing presence in the UK.  We specialize in female-owned and operated businesses and professional development organizations. Our work will identify international speaking platforms, sponsorships, media, and influencer networks that align with your business goals. We are the go-to agency to get your brand in front of an audience, worldwide. We are your global professional liaison.

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